Why Africa? Why not, Africa?

We are the people of color, the people of light, the people of dancing, the people of mourning. We are the people of service. We are those who love when love has turned to hate. We are those who set tables, wipe messes, clean houses and still sit on thrones in heaven and on earth. We are those who listen, who carry, who wait and then pray for those who have placed the blame and shame on us. We are those who are invisible. Those whose eyes and teeth you can see because our skin may be just that dark. We are those of the multi-shades of the melanin crayon box. We are the ones that row ships in the dark over the seas and hum tunes that are sung today.

We are those who trust, who believe. Who see what the unperceptive eye can NOT see. We are those whose skin is the color of dust and yet from those very ashes we have arisen to declare beauty, destiny, forgiveness and immense love to those we are called to. We are Africa. Yet, Africa has love for Israel. Why Israel? Because our Father said so.

Israel has her place and is the throne of the great KING. We honor and respect the great King, and HIS decrees to us are Yes and Amen. We love the nations that Abba loves. And we know that HE loves Israel. We love the nation of Israel too. May Israel be blessed forever. Our brother Simon from Cyrene was ordered by the Romans to help Jesus carry the cross. Cyrene was once located in northern Africa in eastern Libya. Whatever the reason, Simon was chosen to carry that great cross of Jesus, he is honored today as one who helped to usher our Saviour into HIS great passion for us who believe today. What a great honor! Next we have the Ethiopian eunuch from the royal court of Queen Candace. He was traveling and reading the 53 chapter from the prophet Isaiah. This man was a high ranking official of the court of the queen. After worshipping in Jerusalem, he was on his way back home and was encountered by a disciple. His famous question prompted an immediate response from heaven. And that day he was baptized. It is suggested that this man was from Sudan.

There are more accounts in the Bible of the connection between Africa and Israel. Let’s pray that we can connect the continent and people of Africa with the land and people of Israel for the good of all involved. Today there are many people living and thriving in Israel from African nations. Israel has become their beloved home, and the descendants of Africa are grateful for this land flowing with milk and honey.

Written by J. Farris