She is beautiful. She is strong. She has passed the test of time and her descendants have gone to the four corners of the earth. Her call is just to be.



From the pyramids of Egypt to the sunny beaches of South Africa and from the islands of Tanzania and Madagascar to Sierra Leone and the Ivory Coast and all the beautiful nations in between, the continent of Africa has been enjoyed and admired.

In our world of virtual friends, we have a continuous desire to connect. This desire for connection has sent many searching for a reality unlike that of the west or their familiar cultures. At times, Africa has been their destiny.

Even though the beauty of Africa has been mired with bouts of colonialism, a widely-known massive slave trade, pillaged natural resources, valuable riches, crippling poverty, horrendous genocides, plagues, epidemics, and a population growth that no other continent can rival, the continent still remains, as a whole, one that seeks to uphold the very pillars of a successful culture and people group. Africa has been able to overcome extreme adversity to march on to another day.


She always lives to stand just one more day. Her children bare witness of intelligence and skill, yet some of her inhabitants can not seem to overcome the spiritual, mental, emotional, and economic poverty that plagues so many.

Lies have been told about her, yet she stays quiet and discreetly continues to move forward. She has passed the test of time and her descendants have gone to the four corners of the earth. Proving her longevity, grit and determination, and strength in size and number is not her aim. Her goal is not to prove herself. She doesn’t have to. Her call is just to be.


As a descendant of Africa and America, I have been given a special love for Africa.

My husband and I birthed a gifted baby girl into the world named Aanna Zaneta Zawadeh Nafula Farris on May 24, 2018 in Bungoma, Kenya at Khalaba Medical Center under the direction of Dr. O’Mere. Aanna is a daughter of Kenya, and I, a daughter of America. We are mother and daughter and sister and sister. Our connection to the land is eternal. And all we have to do is be who we have been called to be. Our identity is secure.